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List of Closed Procurement Packages

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March 2003

1. Procurement Package No. 0-159-N221A: Tool and Component Decontamination Equipment

2. Procurement Package No. 0-159-N221B: Reactor Cavity Scrubbers

2. Procurement Package No. 0-159-N221C: Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaning System

January 2003

1. Procurement Package No. 9-443-N227: Hydrogen Recombiners

2. Procurement Package No.9-124-A202: Laundry Equipment

3. Procurement Package No. 9-185-J243: Chemical Laboratory Equipment

December 2002

1. Procurement Package No. 9-185-J208: Test Equipment (ILRT/SIT)

2. Procurement Package No. 9-185-J242: Instrument Maintenance Equipment for Operation

November 2002
1. Procurement Package No. 9-169-E254: Uninterruptible Power Supply for the Security System

2. Procurement Package No. 9-169-E255: Electrical Equipment for Security System

3. Procurement Package No. 9-169-E256: Fiber Optic Cable for Security System

October 2002
1.Procurement Package No. 0-158-M225: Cold Machine Shop Equipment

2.Procurement Package No. 9-443-N228: Hydrogen Igniters

August 2002
1.Procurement Package No.9-169-E251: Central Alarm Station & Access Control System

June 2002
1.Procurement Package No.9-634-M256: CO2 Storage Systems

May 2002
1.Procurement Package No. 9-169-E254: X-ray and Metal Detectors

2.Procurement Package No. 9-694-M260: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

3.Procurement Package No. 9-159-M273: Flow Restriction Elements and Venturis

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