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To ensure that eligible KEDO member countries have the opportunity for their companies to participate in supplying materials, equipment and components for the LWR Project in Kumho, North Korea, KEDO is making available procurement information. Each procurement package is posted separately and includes an invitation letter, a Procurement Package Information (PPI) summary, and a Brief Corporate Overview Form.

There are two types of procurement packages. There are "open" packages, in which companies from all KEDO member countries may participate. There are also "closed" packages in which only companies from the original three KEDO member countries may participate. There are 177 open packages and 28 closed packages in total. The original KEDO member countries are the USA, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (ROK).

The closed packages state the following:
    "Note: Only companies from U.S., ROK, and Japan may participate in this package."
Likewise, open packages states the following:
    "Note: companies from all KEDO member countries may participate in this package."
Non-original KEDO member companies submitting information for a closed package will be informed by KEDO that they are not eligible to participate in the subject closed procurement package. KEDO may prequalify no more than six non-ROK companies for closed packages and no more than fifteen non-ROK companies for open packages.

Interested companies are required to submit a completed Brief Corporate Overview Form and related information to KEDO by the due date specified in the invitation letter. It is important that interested companies provide the specific information requested on the Brief Corporate Overview Form. Vendors failing to provide such specific information by the due date will fall outside the criteria used by KEDO. KEDO will perform a prequalification process based on the information submitted by each company. If the number of prequalified companies is more than the specified limits mentioned above, KEDO will then perform a "down-selection" process. Upon completion of the prequalification and down-selection process, KEDO will submit the results to the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the prime contractor for the LWR Project. KEDO intends to complete this process approximately within four weeks from the due date for receiving company information.

At this point, KEDO is no longer involved in the process and any further qualification/tender/bid activities will be transacted by KEPCO. Therefore, while vendor companies initially respond to KEDO with their procurement information, it is KEPCO who will respond to these companies from the point of registration for the Pool of Qualified Suppliers (PQS) and thereafter.

Upon receipt of the prequalification (i.e. registration), information from the vendor, KEPCO will perform their qualification process to accept companies into the PQS. Companies accepted into the PQS should hear from KEPCO by the date specified in the invitation letter. It should be noted that companies who have previously been registered on KEPCO's Qualified Supplier's List (QSL) will be accepted to KEDO for inclusion in the PQS. However, companies on the QSL are requested to notify KEDO if they intend to submit information directly to KEPCO. KEDO will periodically review KEPCO's Pool of Qualified Suppliers to ensure a fair representation of Member Country companies are receiving an opportunity to tender.

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